December 16, 2011


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Last week I had lunch with a man worthy of respect in the philanthropic world. He spoke to me about how EduDeo Ministries can encourage donors to live out their dreams.  He asked if I was aware of our donor’s dreams.  In an honest response I admitted that I never really thought of our work in that regard.  I also never thought of my own (limited) charitable giving in that light.  My interactions and reflections on giving have always been linked to “stewardship” and “responsibility.”  I respect many of donors who have a solid understanding that everything belongs to God and they have a responsibility to be good stewards of what God has entrusted to them.  This, for many, involves difficult and stressful decisions with so many excellent and reputable options available to them.  From the charity perspective, we often speak of donations as investment.  We claim that investing in our charity is an excellent decision because our Canadian dollar goes so far in most developing countries. The cost of building a school or, more importantly, training teachers is “cost-effective.”  Giving through our organization is also an investment in the next generation of leaders.  Our goal and prayer is to raise up a generation equipped with God’s Word in their hearts to affect change in the communities and countries where they live.  So, I’m used to speaking about stewardship, responsibility and investment.  Living out dreams?  Sorry, not part of my communication/fundraising verbiage.

Until yesterday. 

Yesterday we received a note from an elderly lady residing in South-Western Ontario.  She notified us that she has just listed EduDeo Ministries in her will.  She is unable to give a gift this year because she needs to watch her financial situation, recognizing she is unsure how long she will live (she is well into her 80’s).  At the very bottom of her hand-written note is the following line, “Due to World War 2, I could not become a teacher but interested in education always.”  She is living her life-long dream of being involved in education through EduDeo Ministries.  We feel honoured to be a small part of her dream (in life) today and her legacy (upon entering glory) into the future! 

What are your dreams?  How can EduDeo Ministries play a role in realizing these dreams?

Hank de Jong - Executive Director


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