October 6, 2014

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Advancing Christ-centred Education in Zambia

The Education Department of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) is engaged in a growing effort to bring Gospel transformation to several critical regions across Zambia.  Adopting a Christ-centred and compassionate approach to the classroom, CCAP schools intentionally reach out to vulnerable students with exceptional needs in local enrollment districts.

After a century of tightly controlled national education systems, the Zambian government returned schools to the local churches in 2003.  As result, church leaders began to wrestle with the purpose of church schools and the meaning of Christian education. 

EduDeo Ministries has played a key role in rebuilding the Christian identity of CCAP schools since partnership began in 2010.

Increased understanding of Biblical worldview and philosophy of Christ-centred education has channeled the calling of CCAP school leaders and educators. 

Currently thirty-four CCAP member schools, including 288 teachers serving 11,883 students, are growing in the knowledge of Christ being all in all.

CCAP continues to initiate strategies and programs that advance Christ-centred education in Zambia.  Mbeu Deo (Seed of God) is a program being developed that helps teachers understand how to integrate Biblical truths in the classroom and curriculum lesson plans.  CCAP also focuses on education for girls by providing dormitories and safe housing for them to be able to attend school.

CCAP has an excellent record of mobilizing community support for school improvement projects.  

Community engagement includes donation of construction supplies such as bricks, blocks and sand for cement mix.  Over 25% of overall costs of CCAP school projects are contributed by the local community.  Due to community ownership of school projects, as well as improved quality of education, CCAP is proud to be gaining a reputation of excellence within communities as well as recognition by the Zambian government.

Despite this growth CCAP continues to face a number of challenges.  Many schools struggle with insufficient infrastructure.  A number of school buildings are old and have not been effectively maintained.  In addition, as enrollment increases, many schools are faced with space shortage and require additional dormitories to house more teachers and students.  CCAP also continues to deal with general apathy toward education.  Parents must be made aware of the benefits of educating their children.  This takes significant effort and resources, which are not readily available.

In spite of these struggles there are many stories of transformation.  One Zambian teacher shared how he was learning to integrate Christ in the classroom and, as a result, the increased interaction of his students with the Gospel.  He posted a number of reminders of Biblical principles onto the walls of his classroom and was excited to have students ask how these principles connected to their learning assignments.  The students are growing in their hunger for learning, and through Christ-centred education God is transforming their hearts.   

Support our partner schools in Zambia through prayer for the country and specifically the ministry and mission of CCAP. For more country specific information, go to www.edudeo.com/get-inspired.


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