October 30, 2014

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“I am teacher Leydi Carias from Redeemer Presbyterian Preschool at San Narciso Village, Corozal District.  I for certainly know that God’s power is very great for those who believe in Him (Eph. 1:19). 

The Lord has blessed me a lot in this school year 2013 - 14.”  God has blessed the Presbyterian Church Schools in Belize (PCSB) a lot this past year through Leydi as well!  With God’s power, her family’s encouragement, her church’s support and PCSB’s guidance, God has led Leydi to outstanding achievement.  This past June, Leydi was awarded the “Outstanding Preschool Teacher Award” by the Ministry of Education of Belize. 

Leydi is a very humble, unassuming young teacher who works hard for her students and community.  She has taught and led at Redeemer since January 2007, one year after the school’s inception.  The school started out inside San Narciso’s Presbyterian Church, but recently, with the help of EduDeo HANDS teams, has received a new, well equipped classroom attached to the side of the church building.  The classroom is spacious, with room for play and work, and is equipped with books, posters, toys, and an array of educational aids.  Leydi is very grateful to EduDeo and our HANDS teams for having supported her community in this way.  She is also thrilled about the beautiful playground set up in the back of the school. 

“At first the children were afraid of the play structure – they had not seen anything like it.  But they quickly learned to love it, and I have to tell them to line up to take their turn”.

The development of Redeemer Presbyterian Preschool is a testament to the work of the global community.  The community of San Narciso worked alongside HANDS teams to improve the school’s facilities.  At first villagers were nervous about the people who had come from Canada to help, but soon the parents were providing snacks for the team members, and engaging with them in and outside of the classroom.  Eventually the community was inspired to work together to provide supplies and build a fence for the school yard.  The fence is not complete yet, but the work will continue when God provides the means.

Leydi is an outstanding teacher, but she is also an outstanding leader.  She inspires her community to acts of service.  When her school needs something, the community pulls together – she empowers them by providing opportunities to serve, clear leadership regarding the needs, and the freedom to complete the project in a way they feel is best.  PCSB’s General Manager, Alvaro Pott, is eager to see where God will take Leydi, and is encouraging her to develop her leadership abilities to the benefit of PCSB and the teachers and children they support.

EduDeo Ministries is blessed to be able to support outstanding, dedicated teachers such as Leydi.  It is teachers and leaders like Leydi who take the Biblical worldview training offered by EduDeo, bring it into their classrooms and communities, and transform hearts and minds of hundreds of children across Belize and the world.

Read more stories of transformation at www.edudeo.com/get-inspired


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