Hank de Jong

Transformation is an important word.

It's a miraculous thing, actually. To be reborn and made new is amazing. There is a beautiful illustration of this in nature when a caterpillar emerges as a butterfly, but it is perhaps no more beautiful than when we see it in the lives of the people we serve.

Transformation begins with God. He transforms lives every day. By leading people to trust in His Son, He brings them out of emptiness into new life and joy. This rebirth marks the beginning of a life of transformation.

He brings this about in many different ways. One of the most powerful ways is Christian education. It's true that education In general is a powerful tool for change, but Christ-centred education has lasting Impact both for today and eternity.

Education rooted in a Biblical worldview penetrates the heart and summons people to God's call to repentance and transformation by telling the Biblical story. Teaching about creation and the fall, about good and evil, brings each student to a realization of God's redemption of all things through Jesus Christ. It reveals how they can be part of this grand story, impacting their families and communities with the message of the Gospel. Christ-centred education permeates an outlook on life that cannot be separated from God, and therefore affects real, sweeping, everlasting change. Christian schools transform culture and play a vital role in strengthening the church and family, shaping and preparing the next generation of leaders. This is why we serve and it's where we believe God has called us to do our best work.

For over 15 years, we have been striving to carry out God's call to make quality, Christ-centred education available for children in developing countries. In that time, many things have changed, including our organization. Our core purpose, however, has not changed. If anything, it has been refined. We are just as passionate about Christ-centred education as we were many years ago.

Still relatively new into our identity as EduDeo Ministries, this key transition strengthens our calling and sharpens our focus.  We have "raised the bar professionally" as an organization, striving to do all things well, reflecting our heavenly Father, and out of a deep love for those we’re serving.

Thank you for your interest and involvement! We pray that you might be blessed by your participation as you are certainly a blessing to us and to those we serve.

In Christ,

Hank de Jong’s Signture

Hank de Jong