A Partner in Zambia

EduDeo Ministries is partnering with the Education Department of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP). Their network of schools in Zambia consists of 25 mission schools: 3 secondary schools, 6 basic schools, 5 primary schools, 7 community schools, 3 day care and 1 theological college. This network of schools initially began as a missionary initiative, but was taken over by the colonial government in 1952. This move negatively affected these schools and only as recently as 2003 has CCAP begun to repossess the schools taken from them.

They have a vision to provide education specifically to those in need in order to have a society with reduced illiteracy. Specifically, they are focusing on children who are not living with their parents because of poverty – 21% of school-aged children – and those who have been orphaned due to HIV/AIDS – 10% of all children in Zambia.

The low enrolment of students in secondary school – only about 200,000 students in a population of over 12 million – is of great concern to CCAP. The main reason enrolment is so low is because there are not enough high schools to accommodate more students. There are only 335 high schools in the entire nation – compared with over 4,500 primary schools.


  • Construct and improve student dormitories, laboratories, classrooms and other facilities
  • Support orphans and vulnerable children with scholarships
  • Educate communities on the importance of educating female children
  • Build awareness of HIV/AIDS
  • Improve teacher training, both in teaching methods and implementation of a Biblical worldview

The Impact

School-children in Zambia do not complete school for many different reasons: poverty, long distance between schools, and a lack of infrastructure in most of the schools. CCAP’s education system is making a significant impact on this issue, focusing on quality and relevant education to equip children with life skills, empowering them to play a constructive role in society. CCAP’s network of schools has not only benefited individuals, but entire communities in Zambia!

Affiliated Schools

Name Location Year Established Grades Offered Number of Students
Chisefu Basic School Zambia 1930s 1-6 491
Emusa Basic School Zambia 1940s 1-9 unknown
Emusa High School Zambia 2000 10-12 453
Boyola Middle Basic School Zambia 1940s 1-7 unknown
Chijemu Middle Basic School Zambia 1920s 1-9 310
Mphamba Basic School Zambia 1939 1-9 1529
Kabinda Day High School Lundazi 2007 10-12 650
Musuzi Basic School Lundazi 1955 1-9 554
Mwase Day High School Lundazi 1932 8-12 712
Sep 10, 2014 at 8:08 am

Many thanks to CCAP education department for the recommendable job you're doing to make Zambia a better place for all to live in

Nov 3, 2014 at 10:01 am

Thanking God in hardships and struggles he sees us through. Keep the spirit and the faithful God will make a way for us.

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