A Student at Monte Hermon

With a sparkle in her eyes and a grin on her face, Guadalupe enters the school library. Her day at school is almost over and she stops to chat with her teacher before heading home…

Her contagious grin and spirit of camaraderie with her teachers is not something she takes for granted.

Two years ago, Guadalupe (pictured at right) started attending Monte Hermon Christian School in Nicaragua. Until then, she was a student in the public school system of Managua. She explains the contrast she has experienced:

Teachers in the public school system don’t teach the same. No one cares. If you don’t study, they just say,“No problem,” and let you do whatever you want.

In Guadalupe’s community, many 13 year old girls become pregnant and drop out of school. At age 14, Guadalupe is the youngest in her family and could have become part of that statistic.

Instead, the local Christian school community has embraced her into a world where teachers care, where students actually have favourite subjects, and where girls don’t drop out, but graduate with dreams of becoming teachers, accountants and doctors! Above all, Guadalupe is learning about each subject from a Christian perspective and is discovering her role in God’s world.

Guadalupe will soon be baptized at the church that is on the same property as her school. Not only is she excelling in her studies and aiming to become a teacher at this very school, but she has given her life to Christ and is dedicated to serving Him!

Guadalupe may be heading home after a full school day, but she won’t be away for long. She will return later in the evening – as she does four nights each week – to teach literacy classes to 70 adults from the community with 3 other young students. She is living proof of how communities are transformed as children grow up with an understanding of living for Christ in their own context and culture.

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