A Student at Antorcha Divina

Josué is a very intelligent boy who grew up in a home without a father.

When Josue was three months old, his father passed away.  He has spent most of his life living with his mother, older brother and grandmother.  Because he has grown up in a home without a father, Josué and his older brother have exhibited some behavioral issues.

His mother, as a single mom, must work to feed the family while the children stay at home under the care of their grandmother.  Sometimes Josué was spoiled because their mother and grandmother thought that was the best way to show love to their children.

Initially, Josue was placed in a private school for first grade, but the teachers could not deal with his behavioural issues and he was not advancing in his education.  That school expelled him and, when his mother tried other public schools, the same thing happened.  Josue's mother, desperate for help, decided to try the local Christian school, Antorcha Divina.

Even though the principal at Antorcha knew about Josue's behavioural issues, she accepted the challenge and Josue became a student at Antorcha.  Josue's main issues that were preventing him from learning were: lack of listening, talking a lot without making sense, and yelling without reason.

The principal conducted an evaluation with a psychologist from the neighbouring church and the diagnosis was ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).  The principal then met with Josue's teacher and mother about this challenge and developed a plan for helping Josue.

Only two months after Josue became a student at Antorcha Divina, he learned how to read and his behaviour had improved immensely.  He now participates in his classes, pays attention to his teacher and continues to improve.

The principal reports: “In two months, praying for God's help, the work of the teacher, and the help of Josue's mother helped Josue overcome his problems!

Oct 7, 2013 at 2:58 pm

Thank you so much for helping transform these kids lives we are so blessed by God

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