Kevin is a 16 year old grade 11 student at Lirio de los Valles Christian School, in Leon, Nicaragua.  He lives with his parents and two siblings, Alejandro and Steven.  Alejandro goes to preschool, and Steven is in grade 10, both at Lirio de los Valles. Their parents work hard to ensure that their children are able to attend Christian school, which is important to them as they have been Christians since they were young.  They attend the Apostolic church which supports the school, and raise their children to be honest and to respect others.

Kevin and his siblings enjoy learning at Lirio de los Valles Christian school, especially because the teachers are friendly and treat the students well.  Kevin really appreciates
the fact that he can talk to his teachers and they help him when he has difficulties and doubts.  He is thankful that they are so patient.  His favourite subject is math, because his teacher instructs this class very well.

Lirio de los Valles Christian School is small compared to other schools, and there is no playing field.  This makes Kevin curious about what it would be like at other schools
that his neighbourhood friends go to.  However, he realizes that Lirio de los Valles is a place where he has good friends, and where he can receive Christian instruction.  The Christian influence is obvious to him in his own life and attitude, but also in others around him. He has learned responsibility and values, and has seen other students, coming from different
backgrounds, also being positively influenced by the Christian environment.  The school has a good reputation in the community, and though it is small Kevin sees the potential there and says that he would like to support Lirio de los Valles in the future to assist in its growth.

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