A Teacher at Bautista Emanuel

My name is Ana. I am thirty years old, was born in Diriamba, Carazo. I've been married with José for 10 years and I have two precious children, Eduardo, eleven and Ligia, five. I have been a teacher for 7 years, thanks to God. Right now I am teaching English at the Bautista Emanuel Christian school.

Before I started teaching I was working in informal trade, since my father left my mother when I was in her belly. The following years were very hard, but little by little we were moving forward.  I started studying hotel management in a technical public school for three years and continued moving forward.  One day sister Consuelo (Director at Bautista Emanuel) called me and told me three teachers had resigned and asked me if I would it be interested in being part of the school's staff. The truth is I didn't know what to say because I had never taught before, but I accepted the challenge.

I started teaching nine children and I was very nervous, but during the first day of class the students, teachers and parents showed me acceptance, that was something which gave me confidence and I was able to overcome my fears.  When I started to work at the school, I did not understand the purposes of God for my life.  It was not until I started receiving training on biblical worldview that I realized God was talking to my life and I began to understand that more than a job, this was to me a calling from God.

The director teaches us how to apply biblical worldview in the different subjects and she is always willing to clarify any doubts we might have. Some of the challenges have been to deal with the students' behavior, to take care of the children and the responsibility we have as teachers, firstly with God, parents, school and community. 

As I was putting in practice what I was learning about biblical worldview and reading the Word of God, I realized we are instruments of God. We have been called to serve others, having Jesus as an example - who never lost a single opportunity to serve others. 

I have discovered that the more I serve, the more I feel a big inner satisfaction that grows day by day as well as the love I have for this school, a school that is a garden where each person who works here is watering the seeds that are our children and youth.

One of the tools that ACECEN's training has given me and has helped us to teach students with biblical worldview are devotions, where we explain to the students about the importance and need of having God in our hearts and teaching them that He is in everything we do every day even in our homes, school, work, church and community.  Maybe we won't see the fruits immediately, but as the years pass we get amazed at what the word of God can do because in our own strength it would be impossible to do.

When I received training on the topic “Healing personal relationships”, God came and healed my heart because I realized the bitterness and big pain that I had because of the abandonment of my father since I was in my mother's womb. For a long time I have felt alone, abandoned and sad, doing things which would never fill the emptiness I had inside.

Having had this personal confrontation, God put my father on my path and I forgave him and let him know he was an important part of my life that was much missed. I told him maybe that was a reason I made so many mistakes was that I would learn how to cope and deal with them with courage and determination.  Today I can tell him I love him and that my heart is full of joy and peace because that chain that had tied my heart is broken.

At home I was very angry with my children and with my husband José. I had many character crashes, but one day I received God in my heart in a classroom and realized I had to change and be a testimony to my family of what God has made in me, not wanting to repeat the story I lived with my parents.  Five years ago, my husband's mother died.  From that time he began to approach God, and he received Jesus as he Lord.  Today our relationship as a couple and family is different, we help each other, there is harmony, our children talk well about their father because one of his weaknesses was using bad words and not anymore. Another fruit is our good financial management. 

I believe we have to learn to hear the voice of God. Each day I pray asking him to get to know him more and I ask him: What do you want me to do?  I have had deeper moments with him, I have had dreams that show me how the devil hides to deceive us. I know there are areas in myself I have to improve, God is teaching me to be humble and brave to achieve my dreams, longings and wishes.

When I learned about the original model of God, I understood I had failed, I had acted foolishly wrong. We are dealing with changing bad habits starting in our home to later be a testimony to others in how God has made his original model.  I now realize I'm passionate about teaching not just as a secular job, but as a daughter of God teaching with truth through the Word of God.

                                                                                      - Ana 

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