My name is Aníbal González. I am thirty-two years old, was born in Estelí, and am a graphic designer by profession. I've been attending Vida Abundante Church in Esteli for thirteen years and right now am the computer teacher at Escuela Cristiana Emaus.

In 2010 I joined Emaus School as the computer teacher, recommended by Mercedes González (principal at Emaus).  During this time our school also received the invitation from Rafael Castro (RedProCom facilitator) to attend their workshops. Through this wonderful experience I started receiving training with very interesting and dynamic team - the themes are very good and it gets more interesting when we apply them to the students and when we integrate Biblical worldview.

Something that really impressed me was the new operative system known as Edubuntu, that allows me to work with open source software where I can use applications that Windows doesn't allow to run such as Autocap.  I can tell it is an advanced system without threat of virus - at the beginning I thought it was a program, not an operating system and it seemed complicated because I was used to working with Windows system. As I was getting the training I began to realize how interesting this new system was.

It was a new challenge in my life and I set out to learn more about Edubuntu - for me it was complex to perform configurations on computers, network installation, but at the same time I was motivated because I was acquiring new knowledge.  Something very important that facilitates my learning is that RedProCom team caries out dynamically training sessions and this result in a better understanding of the topics, today I'm able to configure networks and create websites.

An area I consider as a big support is the technical support that we receive constantly from RedProCom, integral advising on local network installation, installation of operative system, training for equipment's maintenance, integration of biblical worldview in the topics the students received, promoting the no piracy.

Implementing Edubuntu in the computer class was difficult at the beginning because all students were used to Windows as the operative system, but little by little they were finding the new operational system more interesting and through the RedProCom training we are giving our students the necessary tools for running it.

I would like to thank to RedproCom team for all their support through training, advising and technical support which is a lot of help for the technological improvement of our school. They are accessible, dynamic people and have experience in what they are teaching.  They are always willing to collaborate with our school and clarify any specific doubt we might have. They are always there for guide us, we have good communication which allow us to interact and learn from their experiences in order to improve every day.

I would also like to mention the unconditional support the computer lab receives from our director Mercedes Lanuza. She always supports us filling our computer lab needs such as: devices, hard discs, power supplies, mouses, etc.  In the same way she prioritizes RedProCom training, giving me dedicated time to attend workshops – she sees that this work is very important and she values the work of the team.

One of the ideas I would like to see it happening is the elaboration of an open source document oriented to primary and high school in the country, from which all schools could use as a standardized and contextualized tool that allow us to improve our knowledge and skills in technology.

I thank God, as well as the RedProCom team, Emaus School and all those who make possible the opportunity for sharing all our experiences, the skills I have been able to learn, the positive changes have been developed in our school and for all the support provided, both in technology and friendship and caring. May God bless you. 

Aníbal González (Computer teacher)


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