My name is José. I'm thirty-three years old. I have been married with Yasmina for thirteen years, father of two beautiful children; Eliezer, ten and Lorely is eight. I have attended the Apostolic Churches Association for fourteen years and nowadays I'm teaching at Bethel Christian school in  Chichigalpa City.

I used to ask the Lord for a place where I could do His will and then I met the director of Bethel Christian School in 2002 and the pastor Antonio Rodríguez. After our conversation I let them know they could count with me and a month later I began teaching fifth and sixth grade.  I did not have professional or teaching training, and I also felt fear as there were teachers much more prepared than me and very experienced.  But I saw a good opportunity to bring God's Word to students - although they had heard about it, they hadn't received God in their hearts.

I remember the night before the first day at the school - I couldn't sleep because I didn't know what reaction to expect from teachers and students. There were some expectations on who the new teacher would be, but thanks to God once we got to know each other, we eventually created good relationships.

Before receiving training on biblical worldview, my spiritual and biblical perspective was separating the secular from the biblical - I was thinking both have to be separated from each other. We were giving an hour of Christian education to students, learning which wasn't integral to their studies. But when we received training on biblical worldview by ACECEN, my mind was opened.

It was a revelation and an extraordinary experience to learn that one is not separated from the other, instead I understand now in an integral way that the secular doesn't exist outside of God.  God is in everything and for everything which is the urgent mandate, reconciling all things, the ones that are on the earth and the ones that are in heaven through Jesus.

Now when I'm applying biblical worldview in the subjects I can see how God's Word is being planted in each student.  As teachers we have learned techniques we did not know before.  In my daily class planning, my mind is mapping out the integral fact that God is in everything. It does not matter what subject I'm planning and teaching because God is there in the content. Now my task is trying throughout my teaching to be sure that my students understand the same.

One of the significant changes has been students' improvement in behaviour. Many come from public schools where they have dropped out because of bad habits and behaviour.  At the beginning it was a battle, but little by little with love and affection, applying the biblical worldview that God has given value to them, they have been able to see themselves as useful in their communities.  It is wonderful to see in each subject that students are excited to see what dynamics will be used in the class. Parents are thankful because of the good fruits in behaviour the students are showing.

On December 2, 2013, our school hosted a Christian activity that involved two Christian schools and two public schools. We presented God's plan and taught them about the principles of God's kingdom that we received from ACECEN's training. About one hundred students and fourteen teachers attended.  There was a time of confession, and students used the time to apologize to their teachers about their behavior.  It was extraordinary what God made that day.  

Regarding this new way of teaching the students, my prayer, my faith and my goal is that God's Word be planted in the students, which will give fruit in its time.  Some students have received Jesus in their hearts as a testimony of God's doing through the application of this new teaching methodology, the Biblical Worldview.

My goal is to continue being an agent of transformation, teaching and showing our God and His Word in an integral way. I thank God that He allows ACECEN and its facilitators to be able to do this important work, because it is a big blessing to our school.

                                                                             - José

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