A Teacher at NCA Nejapa

Kenya Rosales has been a teacher since 1999, and is currently also the academic secretary at NCA Nejapa.

“I started teaching second grade when I was 16 years old. I worked for many years in Catholic schools. Then I got sick and decided to quit. I volunteered for 4 years in my church’s school, but in order to pay for the medication needed I eventually had to look again for a paid position.

Before joining the NCA Nejapa School, I thought I couldn’t meet the school’s requirements because I had not finished my Education degree. I had very low self-esteem because of my illness and I felt incapable.  My mother encouraged me, telling me I was capable, that I had capacity.  I didn’t have the money to finally get my certificate in primary and middle education so I asked the Lord that if His will for me was to join this school, that He would provide my letter of completion without any cost.

I visited the university twice to get that letter. I explained the secretary about my situation and very kindly she allowed me to make a photocopy of the letter. I promised her that I was going to pay for the letter process and continue studying when I find a job. That was a requirement, to continue studying. So, I understood that God had plans for me in this place.

I went to the job interview at NCA Nejapa. The interviewer was Darling Cerrato and she told me that she knew from the Lord it was not a coincidence that I had come to this school. I was given a position to teach grade 2 because the second grade teacher had just quit. I was very happy, but afraid at the same time because even though I had experience, the majority of the teachers were certified teachers. Ms. Cerrato told me that when God has something ready for us He is the one who trains us.  My lack of confidence made me feel incapable and afraid of getting embarrassed and I didn't want to fail to the Lord, but since then God guided me to finish my degree and my thesis with honors. I have also been blessed to able to attend ACECEN’s training on biblical worldview. My knowledge increased with the trainings, and it seems that God prepares the training in the areas He wants me to grow and improve.

Being well trained improves my performance as well as the interaction with my students. Through training in biblical worldview I can provide tools to my students that will be the foundations for their education. Sometimes it is hard for them to understand that their lives have to honour God. This might be because of the wrong habits or examples they observe.

I feel I have matured a lot and it has been a blessing to be in NCA Nejapa School. I love what I do and although I have sometimes been tempted to give up because of difficult circumstances, God encourages me and asks me to be strong and brave, because He has promised to always be with me. I have faced much hardship, but God has always showed me that He is faithful.

In the future, my wish is to continue studying either English language, or a master in education or administration. I don't have the financial resources now because I live in Masaya City and it is very expensive to travel to the NCA every day; but I know God will provide. I wish to be able to communicate with the different HANDS teams visiting us and teach them what the school has been and how it has been growing. I also hope to continue helping in the principal’s office and put in practice what I have learned because to assist the school as it continues to grow. 

Another project I have is to encourage students to create a choir in school and a youth pastoral if God allows me. I'm praying the Lord for many blessings for my life, family and the school. All is in God's time. But firstly, I pray that God will take away my fears and, so that I can do everything for Him and display for my students the face of a person who lives for God. I know He began the work in me and will perfect it day by day. I just have to let him do it.

I personally give thanks to Gloria Saballos, ACECEN's facilitator, for everything she has shared. I have always believed that when a person teaches with love, that person leaves a little piece of themselves in others. I admire her humbleness and simplicity in spite of having a lot of knowledge and I wish a lot of blessings for her ministry. I pray the Lord to allow all ACECEN’s collaborators to do greater things on Jesus’s name.

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