A Teacher at Bautista Libertad

Luz is a 6th grade teacher at Bautista Libertad School, Managua with 45 students in her class.

During a visit by some of EduDeo's Walking Together Learning Leaders (Supporting School Improvement) to her school, Luz was asked about her experience working on the pilot project in which teachers are writing curriculum units from a Christian perspective. She indicated that “at the beginning it was complicated to take a secular topic and integrate the biblical worldview. I had to spend much time.”

She continued, “God made everything. Man destroyed it. God is a God of love and mercy and gave an opportunity for change.”

For that reason she tries to integrate the biblical worldview in her lesson plans and activities so that the students can see they really need God. She finds writing units easier now because she spends more time on developing her plans with the ultimate goal of change in the students. She has seen evidence of this in the positive behavior in some of her students. Students also think about solutions to problems which are evident in their community as well as in the world.

“The Bible says God is just. He has provided ways in which problems can be overcome. God will help us. By being a new creation we will know what to do... There is hope. We have God’s protection.”

Luz also indicated that parents expressed appreciation for the integration of the biblical world view. “The work I do goes beyond the classroom. Parents also learn about the vision.”

She has been working in the Christian school for 15 years and knows that it is not in vain.

It was indeed a pleasure for our Learning Leaders to talk with a teacher who has so much passion for Christian education which seeks to see students make changes in their world.


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