Standing on the foundation of a new science laboratory, Zgambo overlooks the area that will soon be filled with eager high school students. Zgambo, dressed in a suit on the far right, was called to be the head master at Kabinda Day High School in Zambia. He was chosen for his positive leadership strengths and has flourished in this role. His job isn’t easy as he has the delicate task of unifying over 650 students from many chiefdoms with different political interests under the same school roof. 167 of these students are vulnerable children, meaning that one or both of their parents are deceased. However Zgambo, along with the 29-person teaching staff, have created a positive atmosphere at Kabinda where all students are welcome, regardless of their family background.

Zgambo has had a positive impact on a large part of the surrounding community too. His students will travel up to 80 km to come to school! Under his direction, the chiefdoms around Kabinda have come together to support this school. They have learned to budget resources to not only maintain the school, but they have even saved enough to start building a new classroom on their own. The picture above shows the foundation of a new science lab that the community dug.  In an area where the different chiefdoms usually clash due to differing opinions, everyone is very proud of what they are accomplishing by working together at Kabinda!

The motto of Kabinda is “Enter to learn, depart wisely to excel.” Students are being taught how to turn their knowledge into wisdom by being God-fearing servants, at school and at home. In this way, the community is being transformed. They are united in the same spirit of learning about the knowledge and love of God. Zgambo hopes that his students will excel in their future jobs because of his dedication to ensuring the quality and stability of the school.

Sep 2, 2013 at 4:07 am

continue working hard, God will bless you richly. But science comes with science teachers. make sure you them in excess

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