Anyone can make a difference. Join the mission! EduDeo Ministries has many different programs where you can you use your unique skills to help others. See which of our programs best suits you:
Reach Out With HANDS: Help Another Nation Develop Schools
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    Do you have a heart for those suffering from inequality & injustice?

    HANDS short-term mission trips are an opportunity to humbly serve, show God’s love and be a tremendous blessing to children, teachers and workers around the world. Just the act of taking time to travel there, develop relationships, worship with and work alongside them speaks volumes of the love of God and restores a person’s worth!

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    Are you interested in working alongside and learning from another part of the global body of Christ?

    EduDeo partners with Christian school associations around the world who have a passion for reaching their communities. HANDS teams have the opportunity to experience this first-hand and help them build, maintain and improve their school facilities. The best part is, it will inspire you to greater acts of service!

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    Do you love to travel & experience different cultures?

    EduDeo sends HANDS Teams to Belize, the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Nicaragua and Zambia, each with its own vibrant people and unique landscapes. Teams have opportunities to eat meals prepared by local people and explore local cultural attractions as part of their trip.

Want to go on a short-term mission trip? Contact us to learn more or Start a HANDS team.
Partner with us. Sponsorship done differently

At EduDeo Ministries, you can’t find a specific child to sponsor, but you can make a big impact in a child’s life through strategic partnership and support! Sponsorship is a key way you can give consistent support that helps provide training and salaries for teachers, training resources and equipment, and scholarships for vulnerable children. All of these things are critically essential on a regular basis in order to impact children through quality, Christ-centred education! Learn More

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There are already tens of thousands of Christian schools around the world.

EduDeo’s purpose is not to build more, but to empower those that exist to provide high quality, Christ-centred education that will make a lasting impact.

The Walking Together program strives to meet that need, providing strategic and effective training for key educators around the world in teaching methods, servant leadership and how to integrate a Biblical worldview into the classroom.

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Road2Hope is an inspiring event to raise awareness of and funds for EduDeo Ministries. Participants run or walk 1K, 5K, or 10K along the beautiful Hamilton Beach Recreation Trail – a fun, healthy and community-building way to play a role in transforming the lives of children worldwide.

Partnership & Synergy

Road2Hope is a very important event for EduDeo. Through a partnership with the Runner’s Den in Hamilton that began in 2008, we have been able to take our original event (begun in 2006) to the next level. It has brought a new level of professionalism and energy to this fundraising event that is uniquely organized solely by a group of dedicated volunteers! This event unites several Christian charities in Hamilton and we are privileged to join such an incredible community effort.

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Check out the several unique ways EduDeo Ministries can partner with your school to increase your students’ global awareness and participation in the advancement of Christ-centred education beyond Canada.

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Email Phil Beck to find out creative ways to engage your school in making a global impact!

Phil Beck
Pledge your birthday or start a campaign

You can make a difference right where you are.

We need passionate people to spread the word and tell people about the critical importance of Christ-centred education. And we need to raise money to carry out this much-needed ministry. You can pledge your birthday or another important event right now, from your computer, and help us do both!

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