Meet our HANDS Teams Frequently Aksed Questions

Help Another Nation Develop Schools

Do you want to make a difference in the name of Jesus Christ?

Would you like to travel to another part of the world, experience a different culture, and meet another part of the body of Christ?

HANDS Teams do just that – and more! HANDS, Help Another Nation Develop Schools, may be short-term mission trips, but they are designed to make an enormous long-term impact, both in the country you travel to and in your own life and community!

HANDS Teams are an exciting opportunity for you to see first-hand the difference that Christ-centred education makes in developing countries. By assisting with school construction projects, you'll both learn from and serve with indigenous workers, students and teachers in another culture.

And it doesn't stop there! HANDS Teams then return to their own families, churches and communities here in Canada, sharing the sights and sounds of their trip and inspiring those around them to help continue the impact they've been part of by getting involved!

Why are short-term mission trips important? Do they really make an impact?

There is much debate surrounding the concept of sending short-term work teams on mission trips. EduDeo is well aware of the issues surrounding cross-cultural missions and believes the HANDS program plays an important role in responsible, international development. When done correctly, HANDS trips are a proven way for schools to be established, communities to be strengthened and encouraged, and for young lives to grow in their knowledge of Jesus Christ.

It is important to acknowledge that poorly prepared teams may not be impacted long-term, and may do more long-term harm than good to the people they are trying to help. However, well-prepared teams can greatly benefit those they serve, as well as having a long-term impact in the lives of the team members. Read more about the main benefits and outcomes of a HANDS trip.