An exciting opportunity

Before class starts, students bow their heads as their teacher prays. A Bible is opened and a student reads. The teacher explains a lesson. A hand goes up and a question is asked. Soon the students gather into groups and work together to build a project. The children laugh as the teacher walks around, giving encouraging words. You smile; this is what you love about school…

You probably do not visualize these sights and sounds happening in another country, but they do. Around the world, thousands of schools are dedicated to providing Christ-centered education for both staff and students. And you have the exciting opportunity to build a relationship with one of them!

How it works

The School2School Program links a school in Canada to a partner school in a developing country, encouraging international relationships based on mutual trust and regular communication to deepen understanding of God's work through His people around the world.

The following videos shows an example of an existing School2School relationship between Centro de Fe and Abbotsford Christian School and how it has been built through the HANDS Program:

The purpose

The purpose of this program is that, as your school learns about the culture, history, and way of life in a developing country, your students and staff will discover the rich way God has worked through that country to create valuable members of the body of Christ. Our hope is that the similarities and differences that exist between Canada and another country provide unique testimonies of God's love and faithfulness. Through this partnership, your school may also notice one great similarity: God's presence. Through these relationships, your school can begin to build an exciting partnership based on reciprocal sharing and learning.

We also hope that the School2School Program helps your school grow in relationship with God as you become more aware of the global Christian community. There are no borders in the body of Christ. As you blanket your international relationship in prayer as EduDeo Ministries and your partner school do for you, we all bring worship to Christ alone as the head of the body and the centre of our relationships.

How to participate

To learn more about the program, please view our introductory Presentation. To be considered for an available or future School2School partnership, please complete our secure, online Application Form.  For more information, contact Phil Beck, the Canadian Partnerships Coordinator.