Not Your Average Sponsorship Program

The word Sponsorship may make you instantly think, "Where do I get to pick the child I will sponsor?" But this is not your average Sponsorship program. At EduDeo Ministries, we do Sponsorship differently. Look at the photo above. The first thing that draws you in is the child highlighted in colour. She stands out, touches your heart, and makes you want to make a difference in her life. This is the reason EduDeo exists - to impact children with the whole message of the Gospel through Christian education. Watch our video to see how for EduDeo, sponsorship is about blessing the whole so that each one may be impacted!

What is the most effective way to make that impact?  It's not by picking a child out of a sea of faces and sending funds to her. Look closer at the photo above. What do you see? She is surrounded by other children just like her, standing in a classroom with a blackboard and desks and walls, and you can even catch a glimpse of her teacher on the left, leading them in their song.

In order to make a real and lasting difference in this individual child's life, she needs a place to learn, books to read, paper to write on, and dedicated teachers who are trained – both in effective teaching methods and how to infuse every detail of school life with a Biblical worldview.

She is part of a bigger picture – and change will happen in her life because of the bigger picture.

That is why, when you become a Sponsor at EduDeo, your support will go directly to a locally run association of Christian schools in a developing country. These funds will help them to pay and train their teachers, buy the necessary teaching materials and resources, build and maintain their school facilities, and offer scholarships to vulnerable children who otherwise cannot afford an education.

How Sponsorship Works: EduDeo has long-term, committed relationships with partners in developing countries and works closely with them to identify the most effective areas for support. Sponsorship provides them with funding for training and salaries for teachers, teaching resources and materials, and scholarships for vulnerable children. This ensures that their schools provide excellent quality, Christian education while remaining accessible to families living in poverty.

Why Sponsorship is Important: Education is the best development investment you can make, generating an incredible cycle of transformation. Children are the leaders of tomorrow and quality education enables them to become strong leaders in their communities. Infusing the life-changing message of the Gospel into this already powerful medium transforms them – and their families and communities – for eternity!


  • What is Sponsorship?

    EduDeo Ministries partners with school associations and their member schools in developing countries. Sponsorship is a key way you can help make the necessary resources available to enable these schools to offer quality, biblically-grounded education.

  • Why is Sponsorship monthly?

    Monthly donations are important because they provide a reliable and consistent source of support for our partners, helping them to be a stable, long-term reality in the low-income communities they serve.

  • Who can I sponsor?

    You can direct your sponsorship to Belize, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua or Zambia. As a sponsor, you will receive annual updates about the partner in the country you choose, focusing on one of the schools there and an individual who has benefitted from your support.

  • What if I have more questions?

    If you have any other questions, please contact our office to learn more.