Our Staff

Hank de Jong

Hank de Jong Executive Director

Hank has served as the Executive Director of EduDeo Ministries since November 2003. He is passionate about sharing the vision and mission of EduDeo Ministries and inviting others to join the movement. His most bestest subject in school was physical education and his present day reading is geared to a combination of theology and organizational leadership. When he’s not delighting in his family (Michelle and four children…plus a foster child or 2), he’s watching or playing a variety of sports, with hockey being the clear favourite.

Email: hdejong@edudeo.com

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Phil Beck

Phil Beck Operations Director

Phil joined EduDeo in August 2012 and serves to keep EduDeo on point as it pursues its ministry goals. His favourite subjects in school were History and Geography and he loves being outdoors with family – gardening, hiking, camping – and anything to do with sports.

Email: pbeck@edudeo.com

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Jonathan Horlings

Jonathan Horlings Innovation Director (Part Time)

Jonathan has been pushing the envelope with EduDeo since April 2014, finding new ways to tell stories, show impact, and improve the EduDeo experience. His favorite subject in school was Art, he loves both Lego movies, and enjoys watching Voltron with his daughters.

Email: jhorlings@edudeo.com

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Jack Hoek

Jack Hoek Controller (Part Time)

Jack joined EduDeo in September 2019.  He has managed finances for various charitable organizations, holds a CPA designation and is eager to focus his efforts to advancing Christian education worldwide.  He is married to Anita and together they have raised five children and have been blessed with eight adorable grandkids. They have also served as foster parents for several years.

Jack loves spending time vacationing with family, playing mini-sticks with his grandkids and shooting pool with his dad.

Email: Jhoek@edudeo.com

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Miriam Alblas

Miriam Alblas Operations Assistant (Part Time)

Miriam joined the team in October 2019. She provides essential operational support to the EduDeo team – from entering data to watering the plants, Miriam keeps our team healthy and well fed with her baked treats. She loved Math and Art in school, and uses those art skills today with crocheting, painting, and doodling. She’s always got a quote from The Office at the ready.

Email: MAlblas@edudeo.com

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Danielle Burgsma

Danielle Burgsma Programs Assistant (Part Time)

Danielle joined EduDeo in September 2019 as Programs Assistant. Assisting with the Walking Together and HANDS programs, she turns big picture ideas into concrete plans with beautiful spreadsheets.  As a kid, her favourite school subject was Art. She also enjoys whipping up cakes and other sweet treats, and exploring Hamilton’s green spaces with her family.

Email: dburgsma@edudeo.com

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Uche Nweke

Uche Nweke International Partnership Director

Uche has been at the forefront of our international work, engaging our global partners and promoting a healthy approach to international development since January 2019. He enjoyed Maths in school, he will always say yes to a flour-based food, and is a fan of organizational strategic planning sessions.

Email: unweke@edudeo.com

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Elco Vandergrift

Elco Vandergrift Walking Together Co-Leader (Part Time)

Elco has been working as a Walking Together Co-leader for 3 years and loves opportunities to connect with EduDeo’s partners, primarily spending his time supporting our African partners. Pizza with Hockey Night in Canada is a tradition that he still enjoys after his early days growing up in Smithers, B.C. Elco enjoys any opportunity to be outside and summers would not be complete unless he experiences 2 camping trips - at the very least - with his family.   

Email: evandergrift@edudeo.com

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Diane Stronks

Diane Stronks Walking Together Co-Leader (Part Time)

Diane joined the EduDeo team in June 2016 as one of the Walking Together Co-Leaders, building capacity for learning, leadership, and organizational development in our partner countries. She continues to be the nerdy student who loves mathematics and science, as well as enjoying coffee and chocolate while reading books.

Email: dstronks@edudeo.com

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Hannah Moerman

Hannah Moerman Marketing Director

Hannah has contributing to Hannah confusion at EduDeo since June 2017. Hannah leads EduDeo’s efforts to share the story of Christ-centred education in the majority world and rally passionate advocates to the cause. Her favourite subject in school was English, she reads too much to have a favourite book, and she will talk passionately about personality testing with you.

Email: hmoerman@edudeo.com

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Ryan Geleynse

Ryan Geleynse Key Relationship Manager

Ryan has been with EduDeo since June 2017, and is responsible for building stronger connections with donors and Canadian Christian Schools. His favourite subject in school was Civics, he’ll gladly talk movies with you (and tell you why your favourite stinks) and can be found using his mediocre athletic skills for a number of recreational teams around Hamilton.

Email: rgeleynse@edudeo.com

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John Huizinga

John Huizinga HANDS Coordinator

John has been with EduDeo since April 2018 as the HANDS Coordinator. One of his highlights has been seeing the difference the HANDS program has made in both the lives of HANDS participants and our international partners. In school, and still now, his favourite subject was History - seeing how the events of yesteryear shape us into who we are today. With the free time he has, he loves woodworking projects and spending quality time with his family.

Email: jhuizinga@edudeo.com

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Jenna Cottrill

Jenna Cottrill Design Specialist

Jenna has been with EduDeo since February 2017, blessing the team with her panic hugs and design skills. In school, Jenna loved English, "The Office" remains her favourite TV show, and she's always down to join you for a road trip.

Email: jcottrill@edudeo.com

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Hannah Vermeer

Hannah Vermeer Communications Specialist (Part Time)

Hannah has been behind the scenes at EduDeo since May 2017, writing communications, editing publications, and doing a little bit of everything. Her favourite subject in school was Writer’s Craft, and she loves watching 80’s movies while crocheting sweaters for all her friends.

Email: hvermeer@edudeo.com

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