About this Project

This project was a continuation of sessions held in September 2012 and January 2013.  The goals of the project were to review, understand, and use a Biblical Worldview in teaching practice within Christian Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) Zambian Church Schools and ensure connections to the Zambian curriculum.

Participants included up to 29 participants, including head masters and deputy head  masters from most CCAP schools in the Lundazi region, CCAP staff such as Rev. Peter Chipeta and Rev Nehemiah Mkwayi (incoming CCAP Education Secretary), as well as Elco VanderGrift, Doug Monsma, and Marc and Dora Stroobosscher (CCAP Partner Mentors). The whole program was chaired by Boniface Mumba head master from Hoya Basic School, Petros Nyirenda head master at Mphamba Primary School and Florence Chiziba, deputy head master at Mphamba Primary School.  It was a wonderful opportunity to provide practical training to leaders.

Participants were led in a variety of hands on discussion and reflection activities.  The Worldview work - CFRR, Perspectives, Throughlines – was organized under the theme of “Signposts of God’s Kingdom,” based on the Israelites entering the Promised Land and  being commanded by God to set a 12 stone monument, where the Israelites were to tell of God’s faithfulness and greatness – the rocks and stories to serve as signposts of God’s kingdom. The idea of signposts seemed to resonate with the participants. Participants explored signposts as it related to their schools, their teachers, their students, and Zambia curriculum, and how Biblical throughlines can be linked within Zambian curriculum. The use of physical stones in their own offices and spaces at school was encouraged, to stand as visual signposts to the teachers and students. 

Participants spent time discussing learning design tools, and how practically these could work within the Zambian curriculum.  Mr. Chiza Mtonga, the District standard officer for the Zambia Ministry of Education also came and spoke to the group as it is his job to monitor all educational programs in Zambia.  Boniface Mumba explained to him that CCAP schools are working with partners from Canada to bring Teaching for Transformation into the schools. He assured Mr. Mtonga that it would no way change the Zambian curriculum, but will teach everything from a Biblical perspective.  Mr. Mtonga spoke highly of what he heard and invited participants to also share what they know in the Zambian public schools.

Various participants took turns leading devotions and sessions.  Through these Walking Together workshops CCAP noted with thankfulness that many lives of both teachers and CCAP Department staff have been greatly impacted.  This has brought about great transformation, and the potential for further impact is great.  CCAP looks forward to continued training, and EduDeo Ministries is honoured to partner with CCAP in this way.



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